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Understanding Christianity

Understanding Christianity in Light of Native American and African American Slavery and Persecution

I saw this post on Facebook today (9/27/15) and felt compelled to respond. Please read my response below this graphic.

Query For Christians

Everest John Alexander - Bible Teacher, Author, EntrepreneurOn the surface this may seem to be a legitimate concern but that is only because the person making the query above has been deceived into accepting a false “christianity” that is as far from true Bible Christianity as one can get.

The fact is that there are two “Christianities.”

The first is the commonly accepted and practiced “christianity” which is just another man-made religion popularized by the Catholic Church and indeed was and still is being used to subjugate people for financial and political power.

This “chistianity” is the so-called “faith” the question above refers to.

This is the “chistianity” presented to the masses by the enemy of all mankind and of course, any conscientious, thinking person would and should reject such a heinous construct.Roman Catholic Inquistion

More evil has been done in the name of this “christianity” than any other concept in history.

And therein lies the strategy of the enemy.

If he can deceive you into believing that this false “christianity” is the real thing you would reject it thinking Christians are idiots who can’t think for themselves and are just dumb sheep being led to the slaughter.

If I didn’t know better I would think the same thing myself… But thank God I DO know better!

For starters, true Bible Christianity is NOT a religion at all!

Every religion is man-made and doomed to failAll religions are man-made and therefore doomed to fail from the start.

Bible Christianity is not man’s idea but God’s idea. I’ve been teaching this for years.

Dr Myles Munroe said it like this, “Religion is man’s search for God and when he couldn’t find God he made the journey the destination.”

True Bible Christianity is the restoration of God’s Government on Earth through the redemption of the Human Race so we can regain our rightful place at God’s side fulfilling our destiny as Kingdom Rulers, just as God originally ordained it.

The spiritually mature Born Again Christian does not “follow the faith of those who enslaved their ancestors” they follow the Man, Christ Jesus who literally gave His life in exchange for ours.

Jesus temporarily gave up heaven and suffered as a man so we can permanently gain heaven and reign as Kings!The Body of Christ - The Church of God

Furthermore, for those of us who are a part of the glorious Body of Christ there is no more African American nor Native American … We are all ONE in Christ.

As a spiritually mature Christian every other Born Again Christian is my Brother and my Sister. Whether, Caucasian, Asian,
Latino, Jewish, Jamaican or Japanese.

Neither Ethnicity nor Nationality are relevant.

We are all redeemed by the same divine blood and filled with the same Holy Spirit…. We are One!

We are the Body of Christ, The Church of the Living God.

The Government of God on EarthEvery Born Again Christian is an Ambassador of Christ who helps form the present Government of God on Earth.

We expect the return of our King, Jesus who will establish His planetary Government headquartered in Jerusalem and which we, His Ministers will help officiate.

This is our legacy; this is our destiny.

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