Find Out For Yourself

The Basics of Christianity

What Are the Basic Beliefs of the Christian Faith?

The Series of Videos Below Shed Light on the Absolute Basics of Christianity


Question 1: Who is God?

Question 2: What is God Like?

Question 3: What Did God Make?

Question 4: Why is There Evil?

Question 5: Who is Jesus Christ?

Question 6: Why Did the Son of God Become Human?

Question 7: What is Salvation?

Question 8: What is Required for Salvation?

Question 9: What are the Benefits of Salvation?

Question 10: What Happens When We Live Out Our Salvation in Christ?

Question 11: Who is the Holy Spirit??

Question 12: What Does the Holy Spirit Do?

Question 13: What is the church??

Question 14: What are the Church’s Sacraments or Ordinances?

Question 15: What is the World’s Great Hope?

Question 16: What is Our Future Like?

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