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The True Reasons For Kent Hovind’s Conviction

20 Important Facts showing why Pastor Hovind’s conviction is illegal

Transcript of all 20 Points

Dr. Kent and Jo Hovind20) In 2006, A Government swat team raided Kent Hovind’s Creation Science Ministry.

19) Kent and his wife Jo got arrested at gun point. Jo was dragged out of bed and not allowed to get dressed. This violent method of arresting a suspect is usually reserved for hard core gang related activity. It was dis proportionate, and a totally over the top display of force.

18) They were both thrown in prison. Jo got released from jail a few years ago but as of February 2015, Kent, maintains his innocence, from behind bars.

17) The prosecution of Kent Hovind was lead by Michelle M Heldmyer, US Attorney, and John David Roy Atchison, assistant US Attorney. In 1993 Judge Richard Kreidler of Jacksonville committed suicide when he was caught and charged with the crime of purchasing illegal pornographic materials. The following year in May 1994, Michelle Heldmyer made national news when it was found that her Husband Joseph Heldmyer was on the same pornographic mailing list as the Judge. He was never prosecuted. The Sun Sentinel in an article titled: “Attorney’s Actions Warrant Probe” from May 14 1994 poses the question: Why? Was it because he’s the husband of an assistant U.S. attorney, Michelle Heldmyer? Presumably.Roy David Atchinson attempted Rape of a 5-year old girl

16) Just a few days after Kent Hovind’s trial, the assistant US Attorney, John David Roy Atchison here, was caught, arrested, and jailed for attempting to rape a 5 year old.

15) At Kent’s trial, Judge Margaret Casey Rodgers, the presiding Judge over the case, allegedly said, Kent Hovind’s crime was “worse than rape”. Did the Judge know the prosecutor was a rapist?

14) To appeal the case, Kent paid 6000 dollars for a full Court transcript. A Court Transcript is an unedited copy of every word spoken in the court room. To be valid, the appeal had to be filed within 12 months. The documents were held back for 16 months making sure Kent missed the deadline for appealing his own case. Correction: It delayed the appeal but didn’t invalidate the appeal. It’s still ongoing.

Judge Margaret Casey Rogers13) 4 months after the deadline, and too late to file an appeal, Kent finally received the Transcript, and somebody had tampered with it, removing the Judge’s words: “Worse than rape”

12) 8 Attendees of the Court have signed an affidavit stating that they all heard Judge Margaret Casey Rodgers declare Kent Hovind’s crime to be “Worse than rape” Whoever Tampered with the official Court Transcript is not known, but that fact alone enough to overturn the case, and free Kent Hovind.

11) And what Hideous monstrous crime deserves the title “Worse than rape? Structuring. Not murder, not genocide no. Structuring, that’s withdrawing any amount of your own money from your own bank account. I’m not making this up. If you’ve withdrawn money from your own bank more than twice in the last 10 years then you are guilty of structuring. He’s served 8 years in prison for a none sense made up crime.

10) To recap. The assistant US attorney, who prosecuted Kent, was a rapist. The Judge allegedly said Kent Hovind was Free Kent Hovindworse than a rapist. The prosecutor was then found guilty of rape. Then the Judge’s statements about rape got removed from the Court transcripts which were finally delivered to Kent 4 months beyond the deadline for appeal. And that’s only half of it. Do you still believe Kent Hovind was guilty?

9) 2 Jury’s were dismissed until the guilty verdict was made.

8) Kent has been moved around from prison to prison 23 times in 8 years. Some say they’re trying to get him killed. Because the more you move a prisoner around, the more likely they are to share a cell with a violent inmate.

7) Allegedly The IRS agent…Scott Schneider ceased over 42,000 dollars from the Creation Ministry’s safe. And then created a tax bill for the exact amount of money ceased.

judge-margaret-casey-rodgers6) Judge Margaret Casey Rodgers has a track record of Handing out unjust and outrageous rulings against Bible believers. For example, she issued a contempt order against 2 School teachers… for praying before eating their food. The Washington Times reported, source below, that over 60 congressmen stepped in to show support for the teachers who were facing jail time, and that the Judge was completely out of line ruling against the 1st amendment constitution rights, she ought to have been dismissed as a Judge at that point but the case got settled out of Court, and the Judge is still in office. OUTRAGEOUS.

5) The same Judge Margaret Casey Rodgers, who allegedly misdirected the Jury on the first trial, and seems to have delayed the paperwork to stop the appeal, and may have ordered the tampering with Court Transcripts, has been selected to be the new Judge in the upcoming trial.

4) A coordinated effort between the police force who authorized the swat team, the IRS agents who invented tax bills, the prosecutor who was a convicted felon, and the Judge with a track record of issuing heavy handed anti Christian rulings… requires congress to investigate, because unsound, unsafe rough justice will continue to infect the system unless people are made aware.

3) While in prison, Kent Hovind has highlighted the fact that Judges are allowed to invest in the prison industrial complex. They can hold stocks in private prisons for profit. Judges are incentivised to hand out longer sentences. Because while the prisons are full, the companies that run those prisons will be in profit, and an invested Judge will take a dividend of that profit. It’s a conflict of interest for a Judge to profit from handing out longer sentences and they ought to be banned from Free Kent Hovind Nowinvesting in prison related stock.

2) An internet petition with over 19 thousand signatures on it to free Kent Hovind, was removed from the internet. We know who has the petition but he won’t release it. A link to a new petition can be found below this video.

1) So the number one mind blowing thing that happened to Kent Hovind, is that he now faces, a further 100 years in prison. The new trial set for February 9 2015. The Trial could be moved to March. And what crime has he committed that deserves that sort of lengthy sentence? He mailed a Lis pendens on the title of his property. The Government appears to be selling off all his assets and his property is still in dispute. The Lis pendens informs any buyers that there’s still a legal dispute over those houses. Once again they’ve made up a ridiculous crime of mail fraud, to unjustly have him jailed for the rest of his life.


Comments on: "The True Reasons For Kent Hovind’s Conviction" (1)

  1. Go and Sin No More said:

    Segment 4 (shared text sent to family): Another thing I forgot to tell you is I know what it feels like to be thought of as sick or a quack by people so I never discredit a person’s testimony just because masses are hating on an individual.

    People have had terrible judgment and discernment throughout history, but that’s their own fault because they are assuming and prideful in their error.

    Masses persecuted Christ, his followers, I seen it with Trump, etc etc. The majority put hitler in power.

    I do agree with the majority of historians who believe Jesus walked the earth, but I don’t even need their testimony to have God’s faith because truth isn’t determined by the majority’s consensus. It just is.

    The majority in the science community seem to believe macroevolution is historical and ongoing (doesn’t mean I do other than in a spiritual sense). I don’t believe the mainstream sect of the science community’s presupposition that macroevolution is fact.

    They even blacklist those who don’t presuppose macroevolution. That’s not science. That’s religion. In “Evolution Dismantled” (which you can rent on Amazon for $5), and in Ken Ham’s debate with Bull Nye (which you can watch for free on YouTube today, something mentioned is the pressure on young scientists to conform to presupposing macroevolution is a fact no matter what the evidence plainly tells them.

    Kent Hovind was a science teacher who taught macroevolution, and later dismantled three scientists at once on his position that the theory isn’t true. He got persecuted pretty heavily and spent like ten years in prison.

    One of the people who prosecuted him was named John David Roy Atchison. John David Roy Atchison ended up getting arrested on suspicion of soliciting sex from a five year old, and ended up hanging himself. Yet people still throw stones at Kent because hes that “whacko that believes the Bible”. Nevermind the fact that he dismantled three scientists in a debate at one time.

    He can come across as unlikeable and very arrogant but if something is true it’s true. Logic is logic and feelings don’t make something not true.

    Anyways…on top of John David Roy Atchison hanging himself (probably due to that conviction of soliciting sex from a five-year-old), “The other Assistant US Attorney was, Michelle Heldmyer, whose husband, Joseph Heldmyer, was on the same child-porn mailing list under which Judge Richard Kreidler was busted for pornography (and who committed suicide).

    These top-level Pedophile Ring members were the prosecutors who went after Hovind on a bogus tax claim”. I gave names only because on google if you use vague searches with only Kent’s name it makes him look like this terrible person and you barely get any info on these other people. Google and these platforms ain’t God.

    God let the first humans have knowledge of good and evil. He gave people the choice to hate Him.

    John David Roy Atchison’s suicide was the one that really spilled out into the open. Nevertheless, I believe everything will come to the light. “For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open” (Luke 8:17).


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